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Submit Your Event for 2024

Make your event a part of National Opera Week! We accept all opera and classical submissions. Fill out the form below and help sing Opera's praises in Western New York, Rochester, Ontario and beyond! Please be sure your web address link is correct and active.

WHEN: Date and time of your event.*

WHAT: Name or title of event, also brief description.*

WHERE: Location address of venue, also include if wheel chair accessible.*

HOW: Cost or by donation, pay at door, free to public, etc.*

Contact for more specific event info, ticket purchases, etc. Phone, e-mail or working website for public use.

PR Info (The Celebrate Opera PR TEAM needs the contact name, e-mail, phone for possible event questions.) This info will not be published is kept for office use only.

Have a question or suggestion for Celebrate Opera WNY?


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